In order for Marika to remain at the forefront of her profession she is taking several Continuing Education courses every year. In addition to the required courses she regularly attends educational events, lectures, seminars, and is in constant communication with a number of specialists. Here are some examples of the type of courses she has taken between June 2006 and June 2009. Others are being added yearly.

California Partnership for Long Term Care 06/22/2009
California 4-hour Annuity Training Course: Annuity Suitability 03/26/2009
The Ethical Insurance Producer 04/23/2009
Primary Uses of Deferred Compensation 04/22/2009
Optional Living Benefit Risk Management Strategies 08/21/2008
Understanding Social Security 08/21/2008
Life insurance p.a.r. 09/27/2007
Meeting Retirement Income Needs with Variable Annuity Living Benefits 09/13/2007
3rd Annual Jerry A. Kasner Estate Planning Symposium 09/07/2007
Affordable - California Long Term Care - LTC 2004 09/01/2007
California Ethics in Insurance 03/29/2007
Instant IRA Success 11/10/2006
California Partnership for Long Term Care – 2000 06/07/2006