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Circle of Financial Health >> Protect


The third phase of our financial planning process is the Protection of your assets.

As you know, regular investments are taxed yearly as capital gains (short or long term) but provide no other advantages. You, however, can use various tax-saving strategies and protective measures to enhance your investments.
Even if you design a good financial plan and make the best investment decisions, you can still defeat your purpose if you choose the wrong financial vehicle or neglect to use the various products available for you.

The government provides you and encourages you to use some of the financial vehicles that were designed to save on taxes. One reason is that the Government prefers you to be able to take care of yourself in your old age rather than relying on it for support. Thus, special incentives are offered for you to save and invest your money in a tax-advantaged manner for your retirement, for the education of future generations, or other noble purposes.

There are many financial vehicles to choose from, each coming with its own restrictions and set of complicated rules that frequently change – sometimes as often as two or three times a year.
It is just as important for your Financial Planner to help you select the right vehicle as it is to pick the best investments. We have grouped those financial vehicles into five major categories shown above.