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This section could also be called 'INVESTMENTS', and is the most visible phase of your financial plan. In this phase we invest, manage and monitor your money.

Thousands of Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Real Estate Trusts, conservative and speculative investments and their countless combinations are available on the market, each boasting itself to be the best. But are they for you? How can you tell?

This is why we are here! We do the research for you, consult with economists, fund managers, and other professional services, keep up-to-date with the latest information in the financial world and filter it through our experience before we make our recommendations. Our work is backed up by a team of legal and professional experts in our private practice and at our Home Office to give us support to handle even the most complicated cases.

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We offer several ways to handle your account such as Fee-based Management, Commission-based Management, Hourly Fees, Separately Managed Accounts, etc., each with its unique service and the associated fees. You will have the option to decide which one you choose. (See more under Fee Schedule tab)

It is important to know that you will never write a check to Future Legacy or to Marika Somorjai. Your checks are written to and invested by the financial institutions you choose and your investments are held by them in your name until it is withdrawn by you. Your money will never become a part of their assets or become subject to any claims against them.