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Your money is diversified and invested in this phase of your Financial Plan. Selection of the right investments, proper allocation, adjustments for the changing market conditions, and periodic re-balancing of your account is critical for success.

Each type of investment works differently -- they often compliment each other and can be an essential part of a well diversified, well constructed portfolio. But not every investment fits everybody so they should be tailored to your individual situation. A 70 year old widow should follow an entirely different strategy than a 40 year old executive. We strive to find the right balance of growth oriented investments while paying special attention to protect your assets in case of a market downturn.

When you invest your money through Future Legacy, we complete a fact-finder document to establish your risk tolerance, age, income level, future needs, and many other factors relevant to your case. Then, we submit this document to our compliance department to be checked by experts to make sure that our recommendations are in fact suitable for you before we invest your money.

  • As part of our management services we routinely monitor the financial market and adjust the allocation of your funds as the changing market condition suggest.

  • We schedule periodic review meetings with you to discuss the performance of your portfolio and to suggest the re-positioning of your investments if needed.

  • We make adjustments to reflect changes in your personal situation and aspirations.

  • We work in close cooperation with Research Analysts, Product Providers, Fund Managers, and have access to other specialists and professionals if needed.

(Note: The illustration below represents a hypothetical situation and is for informational use only. Some products may not be appropriate for your situation and others we did not list may be. In order to comply with industry regulations and for the lack of space we can't provide you with lengthy explanations of the products we mention on this site. We, however, will explain all those to you and provide you with the appropriate prospectus and disclosure so that you can make an informed decision before using any of those products. Diversification and asset allocation strategies do not assure profit or protect against loss).