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Fee Schedule

Just like many professionals, we charge a fee for our services. This fee covers our overhead including rent, license fees, insurance, education courses, research, software, office overhead, and, of course, our earnings.

Our fees are coming from various sources depending of the service we provide. It could come from an Investment firm, Annuity or Insurance Company, Mutual Fund, Cambridge Investment Research Inc., etc. You never write any checks directly to Future Legacy or to Marika Somorjai but rather to one of those companies and we receive our check from them.

Due to many variables such as the multitude of investment companies we work with and the number of products they offer - each with different fees - it is impossible to tell you the exact costs of your investments – but it won't be an open-ended amount. Each product we offer comes with a disclosure that spells out the exact fees you pay. We will discuss those fees and get your full agreement before you make any decisions.

Without avoiding the question and to be straightforward as much as possible, here is an outline of the fees that may be involved in your case: We regret that we can't be more specific that this:

    We offer a flat fee for some services we provide. For example, the fee for the creation of a Financial Plan generally runs from $500 to $3,000, depending on the complexity of the plan. All fees are discussed prior to entering into a contract and 50% is collected at the time when the agreement is signed.

    On rare occasions when it is impossible to estimate the time needed for the creation of a plan or when you come for a consultation only, we charge $250 per hour that begins after the initial one-hour complimentary consultation.

    For most fee-based portfolios that we manage 'in-house' at Future Legacy we charge a flat fee that usually runs between 1% and 1.5%, depending on the amount managed. (The larger is the investment the lesser is the percentage. Complex cases may go a little higher, but by law, the maximum we can charge is 2.5%). This fee includes all services required for managing, monitoring, researching and re-balancing your account, periodic meetings with you in our office to review account performance as well as handling all administrative work in dealing with the investment companies in your behalf.

    There will be instances - usually with larger accounts - when it is to your advantage to enlist the services of a Third-Party professional Money Management Company for research, day-to-day trading and account balancing. In such case, you pay only one fee to the managing company (generally between 1% and 2%) and they forward a portion of it to us as our fees. For that, we monitor the performance of the account, instruct the Management Company to re-position your investments when appropriate and even change Management Companies if, for some reason, we are not satisfied with their service. In other words, we will remain in charge and continue the overall management of your Portfolio as described under Circle of Financial Health.

    Insurance companies pay commission on their products after the policy is issued. The amount of commission depends on the Insurance Company and on the product. The commission is disclosed on the brochure and will be explained to you before you enter into any agreement. Due to the wide range of products and the number of Insurance Companies we deal with, it is impossible to be more specific, but it is in line with the commissions they pay to other agents.

    Click HERE to upload the latest copy of our ADV form for full disclosure of our fees